• Karina Degano

Winter will soon be upon us!

The sky has turned a deep gray, and the cotton ball clouds merge as they roll in from the North. Streams of orange and white dance along the skyline and wraps itself against the cascading mountains. Earth's shadow falls early, and in the distance, interior lighting switches on to light the cities evening twinkle. Coyotes rustle from their dens to meet the evening hunt. Bats flip their wings in harmony to gobble up the evening prey, and birds settle in their nest, chirping their last songs for the night. A cool breeze bellows through the Joshua trees and rustles a gust of wind through the open windows. Yes, Winter will soon be upon us, even in the desert, and change is a gift!

October has almost come and gone, and the end of daylight savings is but a couple of days away. “Fall back“ gives us 25 hours in the day for that extra hour of sleep and, in my case, an extra hour of writing. For the first time since 1944, on October 31st, All Hallow’s Eve, commonly know as Halloween, will possess a rare occurrence with Hunter’s moon (aka Harvest moon). It is not only going to be a full moon but a blue moon as well. Ghosts and goblins, beware! The next full moon on All Hallow’s Eve will not occur for another 18 or 19 years.

During this time of year, taking a 2 or 3-mile walk, preferably with my canine friend, is an eye-opener. The fresh, crisp air stimulates my brain and eases me into scribing whatever project covers my desk at the time. Having the extra hour can make all the difference if you are used to writing in the early morning. However, by the early evening -around 4:00 PM, the laptop gets shut down for the day. Writing after sundown somehow works less for me. I prefer the brightness of the day to write in.

Nights fall early in November and steadily darkens each night until the Winter solstice on December 20th-the shortest day of the year. Day’s end soon, and so does my writing. I’ve often wondered, though, what it would be like to write in the moonlight.

Have a safe and Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

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